Welcome to Hakodate

It takes around 10minutes by walk from Hakodate station and the morning market to our guesthouse and this guesthouse is near Daimon area which has many Izakayas and ramen shops. Hakodate also has the seaside café where you can see the beautiful sunset in the afternoon and at night, there is another place where you can see the night view from the opposite side of Mt. Hakodate. I recommend you to visit these places if you are interested. Please feel free to ask any questions about Hakodate. Here are the places which are popular in Hakodate below.

Hakodate Jiyu market

This is the go to place for people who live in Hakodate. There are fishes, fruits, dried fishes, and etc. It takes 8minutes by walk.


This is the Izakaya which mainly serves seafoods. We highly recommend to book it in advance. They serve big portions of raw fish as appetizers. It takes 5minutes by walk.

Yachigashira hot spring

We recommend to go if you like onsen. It has the outside bath tub and sauna. It only costs 430yen. It takes around 10minutes by car.

Hakodate Buri salt ramen, drinks, and appetizers come on

The catch of Buri, which is fish, is recently increasing in Hakodate. This ramen was made to consume it. It has a high possibility to become more famous. I highly recommend to try this ramen. It takes 8minutes by walk(It is in Daimon Yokocho).