Let's make your Hakodate trip memorable!

Hakodate has the third biggest populations in Hokkaido.
It is also popular in tourism.
There are a lot of famous places as Mt. Hakodate and Lucky Pierrot.

However, there are also different places which has not had the spot light. We would like to introduce the places which local people like and the places which we usually go to.

We would like people to know Hakodate which we like.

So excited seeing you!

We have a staff who is fluent in both Japanese and English. We are really excited to meet new guests. Feel free to ask our staff for travel advice, or just chat with them as if they were your friends.


We have board games and video games and a TV which you can use YouTube and Netflix so kids can enjoy. We also have a coffee machine. It's good to drink a cup of coffee to take a rest before enjoying your trip.

AirBnB type

We have two buildings which are AirBnB type. We’ll gurantee you that you have a fun night with your friends. We have a free parking space. We’ll do check in and check out at No,1 building before we take you to either No.2 or 3 building.

A night life

This guesthouse is near Daimon area which is famous as a night spot since there are many Izakayas and ramen shops. It would be fun to drink again at our guesthouse after going to Izakaya.


Please check the social medias if you have interests in our guesthouse!!