<Common rules for all the accommdations>

  • We need the passport pictures of all members who stay at our accommodation. Please send those pictues beforehand or please bring them for check in.
  • Cash, credit cards and paypay are available.
  • There is no curfew in our guesthouse. But please make sure you lock the door when going out.
  • Please note that smoking inside the building is prohibited. There is a smoking space near the main entrance.
  • Please let us know if you need to change the check in time since our worker is not here sometimes.
  • Please bring your valuables all the time.
  • Please note that we cannot take the responsibility for them when they break or you lost them.
  • Please note that we don’t take the responsibility for taking care of a car when you use the parking space. We just lent it.
  • If you would like to park your car after check-out, please let us know in check-out.

<About No.1 building>

  • Please do not monopolize the common space and leave your things since other guests also use the space.
  • To respect the peace and comfort of our guests, please stay quiet between 11 pm and 7am.
  • Please note that it is prohibited to take a shower except from 7am to 11pm if there are other guests.  

You need to pay the cancellation fee if you cancel within 5days before the day when you stay.
5days before cancellation: 50% of the accommodation fee
3days before cancellation: 70% of the accommodation fee
1day before cancellation: 100% of the accommodation fee