Welcome to our guesthouse!

Our guesthouse has a common space on the first floor. However, guest’s rooms are separated so you can have the privacy. There are a kitchen, Kotatsu space which has a big TV and a bar space. Those spaces are good for having fun with your friends or family and interacting with other guests. Guest rooms are on the second floor. This is the introduction of our guesthouse.

Bar space

This room is one of the common spaces which are on the first floor. This room looks like a bar and this is the owner’s favorite space. It is possible to use this space for enjoying dinner, drinking, and etc.


There is a TV which you can watch general TV program, YouTube, and Netflix. We also have a trump and board games. You will feel that you are at home.


We have nostalgic games. Please feel free to use a super family computer and pacman video game with your friends.


Please feel free to use this space. There are utensils, dishes, microwave, toaster oven, rice cooker, fridge, ingredients and etc.

Shower room

There are two shower rooms on the second floor.


There are two restrooms on the first floor and the other one on the second floor.


This is the exhibition of figures the owner has. There are many anime figures so that you will surely love this space if you like anime.

Parking space

Guests can use this space for free. Please let us know if you need to use it when you make a reservation.






Toaster oven

Rice cooker

Hot plate


Hair dryer

Bath towel

Tooth brush

/Body soap

※There are a little of differences in amenity between No.1 buildng and the others.
Please ask us beforehand if you would like to know.