Our staff

staff owner kurauchi
Name Hiroshi (Owner)
I want to do at Tomoe.com I am currently helping out at the guesthouse in between my day job. In the future, when I focus on this job, I would like to give sightseeing tours to guests and go out for dinner to show them the charms of Hakodate.
Hobbies Onepiece, starwars series, Otoko wa Tsuraiyo (Men Have It Hard), No.1 Kuji, Cro-magnons live concerts, guesthouse management, etc.
Comment We are working hard every day to create the most enjoyable guesthouse in Hakodate. Building No. 1 is such a relaxing environment that some people come all the way to Hakodate and stay in the guesthouse instead of going outside.
staff wani
Name Wani
I want to do at Tomoe.com Asking about the customer's hometown or an impressive city they have been to.
Hobbies Watching movies, radio
comment Let's talk about Hakodate and other interesting cities!
staff atsuya
Name Atsuya
I want to do at Tomoe.com Interacting with travelers
Hobbies Table games, watching movies, reading books
comment Hakodate has many attractive places to visit. We hope you enjoy your stay!

About us

Company name Hakodate Shin-O Co.
Representation Hiroshi Kurauchi
Location 〒 040-0072
16-34 Kameda-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido, Japan
Tel 0138-84-8907
E-mail hakodate2pack@yahoo.co.jp